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Tri-ICTWho are we?

Our mission

Tri-ICT, as part of ParkLane Insight, is dedicated to developing and providing quality IT consulting as well as project and recruitment services to organizations. We operate in co-creation with our own highly qualified Me inc.® consultants, our partners and other TriFinance business groups. Our services are founded on knowledge, experience, skills, methods and resources related to IT and business, in a narrow sense, and innovative digital solutions, in a broader sense. Tri-ICT maintains a friendly, fair and creative work environment which respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work.

Why Tri-ICT?

Tri-ICT, as part of Parklane Insight,

is a community of Me inc.® professionals who want to take their career to the next level.
Whatever their individual plans are, our goal is to offer our Me inc.® professionals a place in our stimulating network organisation, sharing knowledge and growing continuously. We know what our role is: supporting our people towards achieving their goals.

Wim Dierickx Tri-ICT Unit Leader
+32 2 712 08 90
Tri-ICT - Beyond Technology
Tri-ICT - Beyond Technology