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Actionable IT Audits

Tri-ICT proposes a wide range of areas where we can perform an audit for your organization. Audits can have a pure IT focus, a combined business and IT objective, or a combined financial and IT focus, if needed in co-creation with other TriFinance teams.

Our professionals perform audits in areas such as Security (ISO 27001, 27002 and 27005), Information and IT Productivity, Licensing, architecture, IT strategy, document management, storage, etc.

Audits can be conducted just to check how things are (as is), to benchmark, to define the gap with a future goal, or to help decide on technology platforms, organization or implementation.

A Tri-ICT audit is not just a report: we want to help and advise you in areas ranging from a simple technology choice that your organization has to make to a more strategic partnership in which we team together to shape a mid- and long-term plan.
Wim Dierickx Tri-ICT Unit Leader
+32 2 712 08 90

Our offering:

  • License Audit
  • IT Strategic Audit
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • GDPR audit
  • Security audit
  • Information security
  • ISO 27002
  • Productivity Audit