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Young Hub Program

Attracting and retaining motivated talent is a top priority for all organizations. Many IT departments are in need of motivated professionals to support the daily business or projects.

At TriFinance, we are convinced that ‘furthering’ people will make them happier and more motivated: the growth of our Project Consultants is our primary objective. It results in a win-win-win situation for our clients, for our Project Consultants and for us as TriFinance. That’s why we heavily invest in new talent.

Discover our stories

Here you can read two interesting stories about our own colleagues: Lucas Siebesma (.NET developer) and Naoufal Loumrhari (Functional Analyst). Learn more how they support our clients.

Lucas Siebesma: Pedagogue becomes Full stack .Net developer


He graduates cum laude in 2017 as a pedagogue from KULeuven. Only, work in education turns out not to be his thing. Now what? Looking for something else... and finally landing at Tri-ICT. That is the path Lucas Siebesma (28) took.

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Naoufal Loumrhari: "As Functional Analyst at Tri-ICT I am at home"

  Naoufal holds a bachelor's degree in computer science (Odisee University of Applied Sciences). He explains that he knew early which study he would follow. "Computer science is simply the future," he explains. The facts prove him right. Computer scientists are more than in demand on the job market. 

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