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Transformational acceleration with Tri-ICT

Bridging the digital gap is a major challenge. Tri-ICT can work with you to accelerate any digital transformational project. We deliver a broad set of services, ranging from Enterprise Architecture & Support, Readiness, Coaching to Advisory and we can find talented professionals for your transition projects.

The key to succes for digital is analog

People’s motivation, adaptation, empowerment and buy-in is very important to ensure success with any digital project. Investments in cross-company and cross-discipline learning and readiness should be the first priority. Other recommendations as part of our approach in supporting digital projects:

  • Facilitate interdisciplinary and experimental learning across the entire organisation in order to create a deeper understanding of innovative digital technologies, meeting real customer needs and ensuring operational effectiveness.
  • Create a better customer understanding of customer journeys, IoT, predictive models.
  • Create new digital values and change your business model before others do, in order to improve brand recognition and implement these values quickly, in line with the existing customer relationships. Speed is essential if you are to become a leader or a fast follower.
  • Optimize your core business capabilities for digitalizing services, and transform the business fundamentally to make it leaner, more agile and more cost-effective.
  • Mastering your big data effectively to generate higher revenues and develop more innovative project ideas and capabilities. In the process, create entirely new revenue streams, business units and stand-alone businesses.
  • Introduce artificial Intelligence and machine learning in the workplace to augment Intelligence and empower personal capabilities for intellectual advancement. This can make human expertise two times smarter every year.
  • Embrace your ecosystem: collaborating across your ecosystem will generate new digital services in your value chain.
  • Develop a body of knowledge and culture by facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration and applying Enterprise Architecture strategic practice.

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    Wim Dierickx Tri-ICT Unit Leader
    +32 2 712 08 90
    Tri-ICT - Enterprise Architecture and Digital Transformation
    Tri-ICT - Enterprise Architecture and Digital Transformation
    Our offeringWe offer you an easy way to experience the quality of our services and to achieve some initial results or quick wins while doing it. Our Start-To-Digitize pack contains the following items & activities:

    Tri-ICT Start-to-Digitize pack
    1 day of intake to have an initial understanding of the customer need, objective and environment 
    3 days of Enterprise Architecture lab 
    1 day digital workshop to identify one area of improvement
    2 days to draft a high level execution & design plan
    7 days pack @ 5.000 EUR excl VAT