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Data for business

Data is becoming more and more important for businesses. It is not so much about how data supports an organization or business, data has in many cases become more than a driver of the business: data becomes the business!

This also means that business itself should own the enterprise data. However, this responsibility is often shifted towards IT. Not only should IT be very close to the business if it is to understand its objectives and strategy, determining the way data should be handled represents a big challenge. Organizations not only have problems with their data consistency, data often resides in various known and unknown places, unstructured, difficult to manipulate in a streamlined way.

To help organizations meet these challenges, Tri-ICT offers services in database architecture, design, cleaning, transformation and preparing data models for purposes such as reporting, migration, clarity and digital transformation projects.

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    Wim Dierickx Tri-ICT Unit Leader
    +32 2 712 08 90
    Our offeringTri-ICT provides data and reporting solutions, ranging from technical implementation all the way through the business perspective. We cooperate with the financial and management consultants of other TriFinance expert groups to deliver E2E solutions with technical and business expertise.