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Tri-ICT professionals for boosting your business

We will equip your organisation and projects with the right IT skills at the right time.
We understand that in today’s IT world, finding skilful IT professionals is a very time-consuming challenge, given the poor availability of certain skills on the market. At Tri-ICT, we aim to find the right IT people for you projects, basing ourselves on your business, technical and cultural requirements. We select, hire and outsource professionals s.a. project managers, functional analysts, technology specialists, architects, developers, designers, developers and IT professionals with specific product and platform skills.

As we are part of a renowned player in consulting & recruitment solutions, our processes are built around quality and our reputation with candidates. Our services are based on our own teams, extended aggregated database access of resources, and selected partners. We go further than just recruitment: Tri-ICT takes on projects and proactively invests in people following demand and market needs.

More information about Talent, knowledge & skills

Why Tri-ICT?
  • Aggregated access to multiple databases and methodologies to find the right people
  • Our own Me inc.® IT and Business professionals
  • A unique coaching approach towards developing and coaching our consultants
  • As part of Parklane Insight and always with the value for business in mind
    Amrit Van Heers Business Consultant
    +32 3 201 25 60
    Free assessmentWe offer a free assessment with one of our business consultants to analyse your needs in finding the right IT professionals. You can use the outcome of this assessment as an indication of feasibility, estimated cost and profile guidance for the people you need.