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    Typically Tri-ICT, Typically you

    Typically you: 

    you’re in the driver’s seat of your own career and you like to take on new challenges!

    Typisch Tri-ICT:

    We offer you a way to participate in primary IT projects where your technical, business and IT skills can be fully deployed to support our customers and where you can learn from others. Interested in a role as an IT Professional in medium and large enterprises? Or interested in one of our expert areas such as Enterprise Architecture, Data for Business, Dotnet or Java Development? Tri-ICT is the place for you! Whether it is to develop you as an IT Professional or to broaden your experience or enhance your knowledge and skills.

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    Are you the entrepreneur of your own career?

    Because of the services and expert domains we offer as a consulting company, we are constantly looking for people who are able to think as a pragmatic entrepreneur while being a project manager, a functional analyst, a developer, database designer or architect. We call them Me inc.®'s, entrepreneur of their own talent, skills and career.

    Self-learning and development is part of their DNA. They are not afraid of unknown territory, and approach new challenges highly motivated and with plenty of courage. Working together to share knowledge and experience is what they like to do. Me inc.®'s grow faster as a professional and are well prepared to a fast-changing world.

    People first, you first!  

    Being able to participate in interesting projects is one thing, but where Tri-ICT is truly unique is the way we support you to learn and to develop. We are a network organization where we meet regularly to discuss, coach, chat or party.

    A dedicated mentor supporting you through your projects

    A broad set of training and learning opportunities 
    Our own tools to help you manage knowledge, skills and ambitions 
    A strong internal team working working hard to match your professional expectations and expertise with projects and opportunities 
    A career coach supporting you with your career  

    Dominique Thijs Business Consultant
    +32 473 58 20 60
    Thijs Berkvens Business Consultant
    +32 476 48 30 82
    Our selection procedure

    Discovery call
    We’ll call you to have a first conversation and listen to your motivation and interests in a new challenge. Make sure you ask us a lot of questions.

    Getting to know each other 
    We really want to get to know you. We plan two or three face-2-face meetings. During those conversations, we are eager to hear your story, discover your competencies, get to know your soft and hard skills and Me inc.® attitude. 

    A new step in your career 
    We feel the chemistry! We’ll send you our proposal and answer all of your questions. Before your start, we’ll plan a formal meeting to sign your contract and have a first walk through our offices to introduce you to your new colleagues.