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Privacy statement

This code of conduct applies to the website and other internet initiatives from TriFinance and its subsidiaries.

Collection of information

  • Registration and actions
    TriFinance collects personal information in the frame of registration on its website and signing up for commercial or other actions. Information collected from registration and signing up for participation to certain actions can be used by TriFinance and its subsidiaries for marketing purposes and can be shared with parties contractually linked to TriFinance.
  • Offering of services
    TriFinance keeps information which is necessary for offering certain services in its databases. This information will be kept in order to be able to offer the services properly. In this frame, e.g. on line recruiting is only possible if you submit data for registration in our databases. This information can also be used to analyse our services in order to improve their quality and improve our personalised services.
  • Log-files
    Some information is kept in log-files. TriFinance can use this information for internal purposes such as traffic- and profile analysis in order to improve the adequacy of TriFinances’ services to the needs of the users.

Right for perusal and adjustment
Each person, who proves his identity, is entitled to access to his personal information and can request for adjustment, subject to prior written request to TriFinance Belgium NV, Keiberg – Excelsiorlaan 4b – 1930 Zaventem - Belgium. Each registered person is also allowed to object that his personal data are used for marketing purposes.

Responsible database manager
TriFinance Belgium NV, Peter Van Oevelen, Keiberg – Excelsiorlaan 4b – 1930 Zaventem – Belgium.

Use of cookies
TriFinance uses ‘cookies’, pieces of information which are sent to the hard disc of the user to optimise the user friendliness of the web based services.Cookies are for instance used to avoid that you always have to identify yourself with your user ID and log in code when you make use of web based services. The use of cookies is generally accepted by users of websites and most of the websites use also cookies. If you disable the use of cookies in your browser we cannot guarantee a good functioning of the TriFinance website.

Change of terms and notification
TriFinance is allowed to change the terms of this code of conduct anytime, under the condition that the users are informed on the website or via e-mail.